Why Should I Consider an EFA Supplement?


Most people I know when ordering pizza don't say "Bring me a massive plate of those delicious anchovies with a tiny side of beef and vegetables." Even those who love fish don't eat 5 servings a week, every week. That gets a bit expensive and a bit nauseating. Honestly, my family even struggles on Friday's during Lent.

Remember your grandparents taking teaspoons of cod liver oil? At that time they took it merely based on folklore and word of mouth to support health and overcome fatigue. Today's research is showing that they had good reason to take it.

The research is showing the primary beneficial substances in omega three supplements are (docosahexaenoic acid) and (eicosapentaenoic acid). DHA and EPA are essential for correct functioning of our brains, correct development of our nervous systems and visual abilities, and are shown to cut back the chance of heart attack and stroke. We see these substances added to many baby formulas, but yet we forget to include them in our own diet as adults. These overlooked EFAs defend us from more than we know. By some current estimates there are over 60 extra diseases and ailments that EFAs can help manage including arthritis, allergies, osteoporosis, depression, attention deficit disorder, and chronic fatigue. Wow, a fairly impressive list wouldn’t you say?

How is it possible that one supplement could help with so many completely different conditions? The simplest guess answer is inflammation. Nothing is written in stone but most researchers believe that as we age, inflammation will increase and create an environment that impacts bones, joints, organs, and brain function. It’s like an old1994 Mazda Protege whose engine gets very dirty after 160,000 miles but you continue to put off that trip to garage till something major happens.

Does the typical American get enough EFAs in their diet? Ummmmm....NO. Analysis points to the need of about 700 mg of DHA/EPA daily for the typical healthy person to receive the benefits. That number represents much more than the typical diet provides.

Why the shortage? We simply don't incorporate enough into our diet. Therefore, supplementation is often recommended by doctors...If you're not loading your pizza with anchovies five times a week, ask your doc if you should incorporate an EFA into your diet.


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